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Why Hamro Doctor for online consultation?

Online Consultation with the best doctors in Nepal who are committed to suggest & guide users in the best possible way.
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1000+ doctors actively available for online consultation.

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Safest platform to consult online with the doctor with a strictly confidential consulting system.

Easy and affordable

Consult easily with the doctor of their choice without a complicated process at a friendly rate.

Digital Prescription

Consultation cases evaluated and digital prescription given accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Click on ‘User Login.’ If you are new to Hamro Doctor, register yourself as a user first or else login directly with your username and password and then go to the ‘Consultation’ section in order to select a speciality to consult online with the doctor regarding your problem. Choose a suitable payment gateway and complete the process. Voila! You are ready to consult with the doctor.

With the database of more than 20,000 certified doctors registered in Nepal Medical Council, the credibility of the information and qualification of the doctors are analyzed every so often by the team.

In case of cancellation of the payment, the users are requested to send a mail to [email protected] or contact us through our social media and phone number. The amount will be refunded owing the cancellation policy.

Hamro Doctor is Nepal’s first online healthcare service providing platform. The online doctor consultation on Hamro Doctor is strictly confidential.

Yes. The doctor will prescribe the medicines via digital prescription if required. Some of your queries may require only counselling or further examination and lab investigation in the clinic/hospital.

Once you book an online consultation, you can consult with the doctor on Hamro Doctor app and the website; www.hamrodoctor.com via text chat, audio/video call or by sharing images by clicking on the 'My Consultation' option.

More than 500+ doctors of all the specialities and subspecialties for almost all health issues are available for online consultation in Hamro Doctor.

  • To get a specialty doctor at your convenient time. For instance, you might not get an appointment after a particular time or so. But, if you book an online consultation, you can talk to doctors about problems anytime or whenever the doctor is free.
  • Saves time. You might be working from 10 am to 5 pm and might have to take a leave to visit the doctor that might be hindered by the traffic while traveling. Moreover, you won't have to wait with the long queue during the global pandemic period.
  • Saves money. Saves traveling expenses that you spend while visiting the hospital.
  • Flexible and convenient system for doctors. Hence, more effective. During an in-person consultation, a doctor has to examine a huge number of patients in a limited time. In contrast to that, doctors will be able to reply to your queries without any pressure and hence be more effective and patients can take more benefits.